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Despite of my visual arts education, I have also few achievements in the fields of screenwriting and copywriting. In 2006 I have won a nationwide screenplay competition organized by Platige Image. I've been writing for a couple of times for an Oscar nominee Tomasz Bagiński. His animated short film The Kinematograph, which I've also worked on making dialogue editing, won several film festivals around the world.


The Kinematograph (2009)
Dialogue editing for the animated short film directed by Tomek Bagiński, produced by Platige Image.
official website: The Kinematograph


Even after the divorce I need you both (2010)
Screenplay for the social campaing commercial by Fundacja Akcja. Based on the treatment by Robert Kucharski, produced by Platige Image. Direction: Rafał Wojtunik. Screenplay: Krzysiek Ślaziński.
watch the finished film on:

John Tekturro (2009)
Screenplay for the KAFAR Film corporate video.
Directed by: Piotr Kosmala. Screenplay by: Krzysiek Ślaziński.

Victoria Dom (2008)
Screenplay for the Victoria Dom company's commercial. Produced by Orka Postproduction Studio.
Directed by: Piotr Kosmala. Screenplay by: Krzysiek Ślaziński.
watch the finished film on:


AquarYUM! (2009)
I've came up with the name of seafood restaurant, being also the title of the animated short film AquarYUM!

The Great Escape (2006)
I have prepared some texts for the animated short film's The Great Escape official website - story outline and characters description.
official website: The Great Escape